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EUFIC – The European Food Information Council, is a non-profit organisation, established in 1995, which stands up for science-based information on food and health.

Their mission is to offer accessible, appealing and actionable science based information on food and health to inspire and empower people to make better decisions about diet and lifestyle.


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The EPODE International Network (EIN), a not-for-profit organisation created in 2011, believes that the rising trend of overweight and obesity is entirely reversible. And that together, using the Community approach, we can prevent it.

The network supports organisations that want to implement or that are already implementing Community-Based Programmes based on the EPODE methodology for obesity and non-communicable disease.

Over the years, the members of the EPODE International Network (EIN) have helped bodies around the world implement the model, providing examples of best practices and solutions to overcome challenges.


The European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG) founded in 1991 by paediatricians ( has an unique experience in this field.

Since 20 years its members have built an European network in order to better understand, evaluate, prevent and treat child and adolescent obesity.

Altogether the ECOG members have published more than 1,000 papers focusing on child and adolescent obesity indexed in Pub med and taken part to several major national and international meetings, expertises and studies.

A first common book was published at Cambridge University Press in 2002. Annual meetings abstracts and position papers are published in indexed journals.


The Childhood Obesity Foundation was founded in 2004 by a pediatrician and lawyer in British Columbia who wanted to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity in Canada. They gathered together Canadian experts in the field of childhood healthy weights, including physicians and researchers, and together they formed the Childhood Obesity Foundation (COF).